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Is your CCTV installer a licensed contractor?

Please note that the State of California requires a State Contractors License to install surveillance equipment.

 Licensed contractors always carry liability insurance and a four year warranty on all installation labor.  Please consider YOUR liability if your installer is not a licensed contractor!  As a general ‘rule of thumb’, if the license number does not appear by the logo or company name, it does not exist. The CSLB (California State License Board) requires that the license number be displayed on all advertisement and any place the company or contractors name/logo appears.

  Basic Facts About Contracting in California:

    • Anyone performing construction work in California that totals $500 dollars or more in labor and materials must be licensed by CSLB.

    • Anyone performing security camera installations must have a C7 or C10 california contractors license. A business occupational permit (AKA Business License) and ACO license does not qualify an individual to install a CCTV system. If an indiviual claims as much they are breaking California law.

     • The construction industry is one the largest industries in California.

    • Licensed contractors must demonstrate at least 4 years of experience/education in the trade for which they are licensed, be fingerprinted, have an FBI background check, and be bonded.

     • CSLB's Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT) conducts stings and sweeps somewhere in California each week.  

    • Unlicensed contractors are part of the $60-140 billion dollar underground economy that does not pay taxes, insurance, or follow safety laws. 

    • First time offenders are often issued a Notice to Appear (NTA) for misdemeanor charges of contracting without a license or illegal advertising. The NTA carries a maximum of six months in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine.

    • Additional convictions raise the fines to 20 percent of the contract price for the work performed, (or $4500), along with a
      90-day jail sentence.

MUI Technology Solutions is a licensed contractor (Lic. #904080) in the state of California. We carry commercial liability insurance, comercial auto insurance as well as worker's comp. insurance. Please help in the fight against un-licensed construction activity in California by hiring only licensed contractors.

California Contractors License #904080

Small Business CA Certified #50747



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